EXCLUSIVE: First look inside Cheltenham’s new Bierkeller

We got an inside look at the new and improved Bierkeller and it’s going to be amazing!

Before closing down in March, Bierkeller, which sat on Bath Road near High Street, was a vibrant place where steins of beer were drank and table benches were danced on. And with the grand reopening happen on September 14th and 15th, we expect nothing to change!

For those who had been prior to its March closing, Bierkeller would be remembered as having a packed dance floor right as you walk in, a long bar stretching the length of the inside and endless tables and benches which people were always up dancing on.

Now, in order to make things a little more comfortable, the bar has been slightly shortened and the dance floor and DJ booth are being moved to the back. This will certainly make the entrance a lot less crowded. And don’t worry, those tables and benches we all love will be making a come back too!

The process so far has been great and the turnaround time for construction has been quick, meaning come September 14th, our beloved Bierkeller will be back! And don’t forget, the grand re-opening will feature live ABBA and Kylie tribute acts!!

For more details about Bierkeller, visit https://thebierkeller.com

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