Bierkeller is back!

It’s official! Bierkeller is making its return to Cheltenham!

The lively bar where many nights were spent dancing on tables and drinking massive steins of beer, closed this past March with it being said the bar was not profitable. However, after an exciting announcement on the company’s Facebook page, the bar will reopen on Bath Road in the same location as it was previously in.

“THE BIERKELLER IS BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! It’s not fake news, the rumours are true and you are not dreaming! The brand new and improved Bierkeller is coming to Cheltenham very soon…again.”

The news has been well-received in Cheltenham with many expressing their delight and comes as rumours began to surface that the current occupants of the space, Moody’s Place, will be closing their doors.

The company has not released a lot of information, but according to their Facebook page the grand reopening will be on September 14th and 15th and it has been promised as the biggest party in Cheltenham.

Bierkeller will be open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and will include delicious cocktails, beers, a DJ and a weekly quiz night.

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